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Jason Fort (the E is because he always signed his name like that, ever since he learned cursive in third grade) is a Christian author who happens to have a day job as a police officer. He spends his days teaching training classes on verbal de-escalation, physical protection techniques and control tactics to security officers and medical staff, ground defense to the police officers and security officers, and some days just performing regular police duties. Although this fulfills part of his calling, his passion is the fictional creative writing that has helped him begin to create his own fictional universe in a post-apocalyptic America, where his characters face unique challenges that could seem feasible to those who are aware of truth and not blinded by the enemy. He is happily married, is father to a fast growing 14 year old teenager who aspires to be in the Air Force, and also happens to be the oldest of three brothers. His parents raised he and his two brothers in Greenville, SC, in a Christian home, and he appreciates the blessings he has been given. His instinct to protect has created a sense of urgency for him to use his creative writing abilities to reveal light in the darkness, telling the world that Jesus is the one light that can shine through all the sin and corruption that surrounds us. His passion has also led to his posting of radio broadcasts and YouTube videos in the hopes that he may open more eyes. Find out more about him either on this site, or always check out his other various avenues of exposure on the web.

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